SoleStash is a software built for resellers that manages your inventory and sales.

Resellinghas never been easier

Maximize your profits and minimize your workload with our easy-to-use platform.

Spend less time managing your inventory and more time making sales.


Inventory tracking, streamlined sales management and many more features that you won't find anywhere else.

Inventory Management

Managing your stock has never been easier. Our platform allows you to quickly add and update your inventory with ease. Plus, with our bulk management options, you can make changes to your entire inventory in just a few clicks. 


To ensure you get the best profits, SoleStash also lets you compare market prices, so you can sell your items competitively and maximize your earnings. 


Upload your receipts and invoices along with your inventory items to store them on our cloud server as long as you need.



Sales Tracker

Our sales tracker is a game-changer for resellers. Our platform automatically calculates your profits and ROI for every sale, which is factored into the statistic graphs on the dashboard. This gives you a clear overview of your business's financial health and allows you to make informed decisions.


Additionally, our bulk sales feature groups your inventory items into a single sale, saving you time and effort. And to keep you informed about your sales in real-time, SoleStash also sends sales notifications to your Discord webhook. 


Every sale fully supports invoice & receipt uploads so you can store your financial documents for free on our cloud server.



Market Price Comparison

There are so many markets to sell sneakers on and they each have their own unique payouts. Don't waste time manually going through each, just use SoleStash!


SoleStash scrapes all market prices in seconds and automatically calculates the payout for you.


Payouts are shown for every size in the shoe, and extra details such as the total amount of sales for that product.


Don't think that this is just for the UK either, set your currency preference in settings and SoleStash will detect and show you the correct payouts in your currency after fees and exchange rates.

Automated Subscriptions

Tired of documenting your subscription charges once a month? SoleStash will do it for you!


We automatically calculate your future renewals dates and add the expense to your account for you.


You also get notified via Discord whenever your subscription is about to renew!

Address J1G

One of our most famous features.


Currently obliterating Nike & SNKRS, for some people the Address J1G alone is enough to join SoleStash.


Hit huge clips and get them all delivered to one address with the most successful J1G tool on the market.

Stock Showcase

Clients constantly asking you what shoes you have in stock? No problem!


SoleStash provides you with your own unique stock showcase link which shows all the items you have for sale including the image, size, price and other information.


Check out an example here!

Bulk Import

Migrating to SoleStash is an extremely easy process that will only take you a few minutes. Whether you're switching from a spreadsheet or another software, migration is seamless.


No format or template to follow, simply upload any CSV file and map out the columns. SoleStash will do the calculations instantly and get all your data added in seconds.

Data Export

You may export your data at any time. The data is formatted into CSV files and zipped into an export package.


Either export all your data or within a specific date range, very useful especially for creating tax returns.


We all know how frustrating it is posting WTB messages in all our different groups.


SoleSource allows you to index public inventories on SoleStash to find the exact shoes you need in the right size and for the right price.


Contact details are provided so you can easily get in touch with the seller and secure a deal for your client.

iPhone Location Spoofer

Stuck outside of the 10 mile radius for a SNKRS pass? Not in a country for an exclusive release?


Spoof your iPhone location to anywhere in the world using the SoleStash Spoofer. Completely undetected.


No Jailbreak required! Simply connect your iPhone to your PC using a USB-A cable.

World's First Web-Based 3DS Solver

Ever seen a 3DS solver on a website before? Didn't think so.


SoleStash has developed the first ever web-based 3DS solver for Revolut Business.


Start/Stop your tasks from anywhere on any device using only our website. Secure, lightning fast and the first to ever do it!


3DS Solver requires its own individual subscription, as well as a standard SoleStash membership.

Don't just take our word for it.


Best tool in the game, absolutely top tier. Easy to track what I’m selling and what has been sold. Address J1G works perfectly, has no problems and has to be the best thing ever integrated into a website.


Discord Member

Best toolbox there is. J1G tool is amazing, hit 2 pairs of Travis Scott Phantoms with it. Keeps track of my subscriptions and finances, so easy to use, definitely recommend it.


Discord Member

The best tool to keep track of finances and sales. Everything is made specifically for resellers so it’s suited exactly to your needs. SoleStash is a must have!

Collective Creps#7050

Discord Member

Easiest tool software there is! Helped further my reselling game by tracking my sales and inventory all in one place. Also helped me cop so many shoes with its undetectable jigging tool. If you want to be the best in this game you need to have SoleStash.


Discord Member

Thank you SoleStash. Great Address J1G, great inventory and sales management, and now location spoofer and soon 3ds solver. Camden is extremely helpful and makes reselling much easier.


Discord Member

Best tool, once you understand it, it is a life saver, I never used to update my spreadsheets and now I can’t stop updating my SoleStash account. It’s a bookmark on all my devices and love to Camden for making this sick tool.


Discord Member

Been using SoleStash since it came out, never doubt it’s features and I'm always promoting SoleStash to all the resellers, W tools and useful one.


Discord Member

Probably the most important software I use to keep track of my in & outgoings. SoleStash provides all that I need, calculating monthly profits, allowing me to keep tabs of my other expenses. In comparison to your conventional spreadsheet, it’s miles ahead. Can’t wait for the future updates and how that’ll improve many of our experience with SoleStash.


Quia quam fugit

A once washed reseller now a crazy chef, however now that I had a lot more stock to track I needed a one stop place where everything was done for me. Introducing SoleStash, an absolute need for any reseller or entrepreneur who has a multitude of sales and stock they need to keep track of. Combined with an impressive J1G tool and easy to use interface, you too can reach the top of your game.


Discord Member is an exceptional website for sneaker enthusiasts who want to keep their collection organized and secure. I have been using this platform for a few months now, and I must say it has exceeded my expectations. The user interface is intuitive, and it's easy to upload and manage my sneaker inventory. What I love most about SoleStash is the peace of mind it provides. With its advanced security features, I can rest assured that my collection is safe and protected. I highly recommend this platform to anyone looking to keep their sneaker collection in top shape.

8bb8 ™#6161

Discord Member

We answer before you need to ask.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is SoleStash and how do I use it?

SoleStash is an inventory and sales management software that provides tools tailored to a reselling business. We also provide a toolbox which has extra useful functions that you may need as an advanced reseller.


We are a web-based platform meaning you can use any device as long as it has a website browser and internet access.


Our site automatically scales to any device so you never have to worry about usability.

How much does SoleStash cost?

SoleStash offers a variety of pricing plans to fit your needs and budget. We sometimes have free trials available during Groupbuys. We offer monthly, quarter-annual and semi-annual subscription plans at affordable prices. Visit our pricing page for more information.

Is my data secure with SoleStash?

Yes, we take data security very seriously. We use industry-standard security protocols and encryption to protect your data, and we never share or sell your information to third parties.


Your data is regularly backed up to a private cloud-based data centre. So even if our web server was to disappear from the face of the Earth, your data is still safe.

How do I get started with SoleStash?

First you will need a License Key. Most people will need to purchase one, but members of partnered groups (as shown below) are able to use the key their group provides.


Once you've got your key, head over to our Register page and create an account. 


You can then login to your account on our website, it's as simple as that!

What kind of customer support does SoleStash offer?

We offer 24/7 support through our Discord Server and Live Chat feature. You can find our Live Chat feature on the bottom-right of any page after signing into the site.

Can SoleStash help me increase my profits?

Yes, SoleStash is designed to help you maximize your profits by providing real-time insights into your sales performance, tracking your inventory and prices, and offering powerful analytics and reporting features. By using SoleStash, you can make informed decisions that can help grow your business and increase your profits.

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